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  1. 'Ukraine

    More than five months after Russia’s invasion began, Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office claims to be investigating some 26,000 alleged Russian war crimes. But it’s unclear to what extent Ukraine is probing any actions of its own armed forces that may have violated international laws.


    A ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants took effect Sunday night in a bid to end nearly three days of violence that has killed dozens of Palestinians and disrupted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Israel and Gaza.

  3. Biden

    A bill that includes a key change to incentives around electric vehicles built in North America, rather than just the United States, has passed in the U.S. Senate.

  4. 'Sri

    Sri Lankan citizens say they're struggling to make ends meet amid an economic crisis and sky-high inflation.


    Heat waves sweeping Europe this summer have brought not just record high temperatures and scorched fields: The drought-stricken waters of Italy's River Po are running so low they revealed a previously submerged World War Two bomb.

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